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Affordable Art for your Home


Everybody loves to adorn their home with exclusive art pieces and designs. However, premium art that looks stunning in all aspects is expensive due to which many people are unable to buy them. However, there are some suggestions for affordable art for your home in this blog that are simply superb. So, let’s get started…

1. Madhubani Art

Madhubani art is the first art form on the list that is both affordable as well as attractive. It was discovered in Mithila, Bihar, India. The beauty of this art is simply hard to explain in words. The artists are inspired by the environment and Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Therefore, they put their inspiration on the canvas and create lovely motifs and deities. When you get a Madhubani art for your sweet house, you will experience its loveliness. Your family members, friends, and guests will applaud your art choice. This artwork is easily available online and physical art stores at affordable rates. However, it’s suggested to shop online for Madhubani or Mithila art because of an extensive variety.

2. Abstract Art

Abstract art is a form of stylish art, which looks too interesting. It’s done in a unique way using a range of colors and patterns. These paintings are generally random lines, geometric patterns, which don’t make sense at a first glance. The main idea behind their creation is to extend a random thought of a maker. If you want to put something exceptional in your home, abstract art is the thing for you.

These paintings are so much in demand that they become out of stock very easily and quickly. They are inexpensive and attractive.  So, you have to hurry a bit before your favorite abstract art piece gets in someone else’s hand!

3. Pichwai Art

Pichwai art is a civilizing art form that was discovered in Rajasthan more than 400 years ago. This art allows you to make a peaceful ambiance in the home.  It generally highlights creative pictures of Lord Krishna, also famed as Srinathji. It is one of the most beautiful and divine art forms that were initially used as backdrops in Holy temples. However, modern artists gave this art form a modern touch to make it more suitable for the generation of today.

This affordable art deserves to be a member of your house owing to its loveliness. Hang it in your living room, bedroom, or pooja room, the choice is yours. It will fit in every space nicely!

4. Kalighat Art

Kalighat art is a special form of art that came from the Indian state of West Bengal. It emphasizes Hindu Gods to facilitate happiness and positivity. When you bring a Kalighat painting to your home, you will instantaneously feel all the excellent vibrations. It will extend a spiritual feel in the house and let everyone enjoy the blessings of Goddess Kali &Durga throughout day and night. Looking at such a beautiful art daily in the home will make you a motivated person! Also, you can find this exquisite art in different art stores at a reasonable price so you don’t have to take the budget tension too.

5. Landscape Art

Everyone is well aware of nature’s greatness. It gives us so many things and still manages to keep itself so beautiful. Styling landscape art is an awesome way to thank mother nature for all its blessings.  Nature paintings come in thousands of designs to suit your choice. Being a reasonable art form, you can bring it for yourself or your near & dear ones as a gift. These paintings are sure to make your home a peaceful place to relax!


All these art suggestions are not just inexpensive but exclusive too. They don’t feel like affordable ones because their designs, colors, and print quality is just up to the mark. To buy them, you can check different e-commerce sites.

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