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Tips To Choose The Best Society Management App


Managing a society comes with many responsibilities. From collecting monthly maintenance fees to overseeing repairs and maintenance, there is a lot that housing society secretaries and committees have to keep track of. Apps for society management have gained popularity as a result of the fast advancement of technology since they make many chores easier and more digital. However, it might be challenging to select the best app given the diversity of options. This article provides 10 tips to help you evaluate and select the best society management app for your needs.

1.  Ease of use

The primary function of a society management app is to make tasks more convenient and efficient. Therefore, while selecting an app, simplicity of use should come first. Look for a user-friendly layout with simple navigation and functions that are self-explanatory. The app should be designed keeping in mind users of all age groups, including senior citizens who may not be tech-savvy. Ensure the app is simple to learn and easy for residents of all ages to use without any technical expertise. Signing up and logging in and performing basic functions like making payments or raising requests should be hassle-free for anyone to use.

2. Payment options

Accepting maintenance fees and other payments digitally is a key benefit of using an app. Check that the app supports popular and convenient online payment methods preferred by residents like UPI, net banking, debit/credit cards, and digital wallets. It should support one-time payments as well as recurring automatic payments through options like standing instructions, to further simplify the collection of monthly maintenance dues. The payment history with transaction details and auto-generated receipts should be easily accessible on the app interface for transparency and record-keeping purposes.

3. Communication features

Effective communication within the society is important. The housing society management app should allow for one-click messaging options to share notices and updates with all residents. It is helpful if it also supports group chat forums for residents and committees to discuss issues in real-time. These group chat forums should allow participants to easily share files and photos to enhance discussions. Look for features like in-app calling and video conferencing that could be useful for virtual meetings and discussions too. The messaging and discussion forums should be well-organized, fully searchable and allow messaging with external contacts when needed.

4. Maintenance requests

A robust complaint and maintenance request system is essential for any society. Residents should be able to lodge any issues like plumbing problems, electrical faults, or civil repairs with ease directly from the app. It is convenient if photo or video attachments can be included to give committee members a better understanding of the issue. The requests should be trackable with status updates in real-time so residents always know where their complaint or repair request stands. The committee should get instant notifications on their phones and be able to assign tasks, add comments and mark requests as complete directly within the app for quick resolution.

5. Visitor management

Managing access of visitors, maids, vendors and other temporary guests is crucial for security. An effective app allows residents to invite and register visitors digitally with details like name, vehicle number, purpose, estimated time of arrival, duration of visit and contact number. It should facilitate real-time verification and access control at the society gate. Temporary e-passes or QR codes for registered visitors could enhance convenience. The app should also allow capturing photos of valid ID proofs like Aadhar or driver’s license for verification. Photo capture of vehicles for verification is another useful feature.

6. Accounting and billing

Comprehensive accounting functionality makes managing society finances organized. Look for an app that allows online budgeting and expense tracking with customizable categories. It should facilitate easy invoicing, receipt and payment tracking against maintenance or other bills. The app must allow setting different slabs and charges for members to ensure transparency in billing. Generating periodic financial statements and reports with just a few taps helps committees stay on top of accounts and remain compliant with rules. Integrated GST compliance features would be an added advantage.

7. Maintenance and repairs

Keeping a tab on maintenance works and repairs in the society is important. An insightful app allows logging all tasks in detail, which should include an option to add description of work, expected date of completion, assigned vendor details and estimated cost. Residents assigning vendors, tracking status and managing payments against them seamlessly. Setting reminders for periodic works like pest control or equipment servicing adds convenience. Integrations with vendors help automate workflows. Residents should have visibility into works for transparency as well as the option to provide feedback or comments on completed works.

8. Documents and files

Storing and sharing important society documents requires an organized system. The app must provide a centralized digital repository with customizable folders. It should allow easy uploading and downloading of files like agreement copies, maintenance bills, society rules, minutes of meetings and more. Assigning secure access rights ensures confidentiality. Integrated document signing helps speed up approvals.

9. Events and calendar

Coordinating society activities and events calls for a synchronized calendar and scheduling feature. Residents must be able to check the dates of upcoming programmes, celebrations or other events scheduled in the community areas. They should receive notifications about new events or changes to scheduled events. The committee should have options to create, edit and publish events on the calendar within the app itself with detailed information such as event name, timing, venue and description. Setting reminders aids participation and ensures residents are well-informed.

10. Customization and support

No two societies have the exact requirements. Look for an app that offers flexibility to customize features, layout and access rights as per needs. It should support multiple languages for user convenience. 24/7 helpdesk assistance for queries ensures smooth management. The app should also allow customizing notification settings, payment gateways, user roles and more based on a society’s unique needs. Regular app and security updates maintain effectiveness. Evaluate trial versions and reviews from existing users before selecting the right fit.


A well-designed society management app from Planet Smart City streamlines operations, fosters community engagement and enhances security. By considering key factors like functionality, ease of use, payment options and customization support, housing societies can select the best digital solution to simplify management tasks. Regular app evaluations also ensure it continues meeting evolving needs. With the right app, managing a society is made more convenient in this digital era.

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