Unwanted Jewelry

Unwanted Jewelry Keep It Or Sell It



Unwanted jewelry can pile up in your cupboard, or it can be a potential source of income. If you want to make a little money on the side, consider selling unwanted jewelry that’s worth something. You never know what treasures are sitting in your attic!¬† You might find that some of your best finds are those pieces you never expected would be valuable: items like costume jewelry from back when you were at the club or old family treasures from even before then. Earrings and bracelets from wedding gifts and party favors often have surprisingly high resale value – which is more than just sentimental for many people who may not actually wear the piece regularly anymore! You might also find great deals on used stones or gold.

How to make the most out of Unwanted Jewelry?

Sell jewelry in palm beach: Locate nearby stores, estate sales, antiques shops and flea markets where you can sell your jewelry. The best way to do this is to run a free Wanted Ad with your local paper’s classifieds or on sites like Craigslist. Be specific in your wants and supplies. If you have multiple pieces of jewelry to sell, create a display so it will be easy for shoppers to browse through everything. Make sure you have enough jewelry for sale at all times.

How much money can be made from selling unwanted jewelry?

If you sell jewelry items that are in good condition and are not broken, you can expect to make around $20-$50 per piece. If you’re selling jewelry with gemstones, expect to make much more.

Long term sales usually move items faster and get more attention than the weekly flea market, so your best chances of making a profit are by selling used items in local sales rather than in a flea market or garage sale.

How much money can be made by selling gemstones?

Expect to make more on gemstones – at least double the amount of money – if you sell them through an online auction house or consignment shop. These businesses will have a high number of potential buyers while at the same time they’ll have the means to advertise and sell your gemstones quickly. They will, of course, take their cut (usually 15% – 25%) but you can still make a lot of money if you’re selling something valuable.

How to choose which jewelry to sell jewelry in palm beach?

Sell only high quality jewelry. When it comes to selling jewelry on a small scale, you might be tempted to sell anything that’s not broken or cheap looking. However, top quality pieces do better in terms of price and overall value.

Sell beautiful but not valuable pieces. For example, a necklace that you bought for a couple hundred dollars might turn out to be worth much more if the stones are top quality. On the other hand, a necklace with cheap stones may only fetch a few dollars even if it is a lovely piece of jewelry. However, buying cheap jewelry is fine if you only have to sell one piece because it’s unlikely that you’ll have any interested buyers.

Sell things that have sentimental value. Jewelry with special meaning or sentimental value will also do better when they’re selling as opposed to selling things that don’t carry much significance. Keep things that you want to keep but are not valuable (for example, an inexpensive wedding band) and sell the rest.

Sell unusual jewelry. You might be tempted to sell only the most standard gold and silver colored jewelry – but don’t forget to look for unusual pieces like necklaces made out of seashells or friendship bracelets. These might have more value than you think because they’re unique!

How do I get rid of unwanted gemstones?

If you find yourself with a pile of gems that you never wear, it’s time to say good-bye. While it’s true that some gems can be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars, those are the exceptions rather than the rule. You can’t expect to turn a pretty pile of gem stones into a big profit by reselling them.

How to sell unwanted gemstones?

The best way to sell gems is to have them appraised. Most jewelry stores and appraisal services will give you an idea of the market value for your gems so that you can find out whether they’re in demand or not. Remember, these services are highly regulated and will provide you with an estimate only – don’t expect for your gems to be flipped for a huge amount at the next sale.


We all hate to let go of jewelry, especially when it’s a favorite piece. Perhaps you’re loosing your sense of style and want to keep some of your favorite pieces around even after you’ve grown out of them. If so, then consider selling unwanted jewelry – the best way to keep a little extra cash in the bank.

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