Temporary Tattoo Styles

5 Temporary Tattoo Styles For Adventure Seekers


The best impermanent tattoos are similar to a fling. They are fleeting, over, and fun before anyone gets hurt. Temporary tattoos give everyone a taste without any lifelong pain and commitment it often takes to get permanent tattoos.

Today’s best temporary tattoos are nothing like a lick-and-stick version from childhood. They are more than just modern and intricate. They also look startlingly real. With proper care, some temporary tattoos may go up to 7 days.

Some of the temporary tattoos styles you can look into are the following:

1. Chinese Dragon Tattoos

Dragons are fierce and noble in Chinese culture and symbolize luck and great power. Men often prefer tattoos that represent this creature. However, that doesn’t mean women can’t wear them.

Present in different aspects of Chinese heritage, such as art, astrology, festivals, and legends, dragons are not the same as evil creatures that the Western stories got everyone used to.

In Chinese folktales, dragons are often seen as lucky and notable and are related to water. Plus, they are believed to live in lakes, rivers, and seas. That is why tattoos representing them must be fluid, similar to their natural elements.

2. Green Chinese Dragon Temporary Tattoos

The head of this dragon features sharp and curved teeth hanging in front of the red mouth. Basically, the green color of this dragon itself is bright, with a yellow accent around its eyes.

Two horns also protrude from its head, and a very small skull features on the forehead of the dragon prominently. So these mythical temporary tattoos tell people that they may want to back off as they are dealing with someone tough.

3. Tribal Gray Characters Design Temporary Tattoos

Express your love with these Chinese forever temporary tattoos. Although temporary tattoos don’t last long like your affections, you may let your loved ones know what they mean to them.

They feature Chinese characters, like ‘forever yours,’ which is an amazing way to express your feelings and yourself.

Use these tattoos with your kids on Mother’s Day, as they may join in the fun because the tattoos can easily be removed or applied.

And if you want something truly unique, why not give our custom temporary tattoos a try? Remember, the real magic happens when you design your own. Try customizing your tattoos today and let your individuality shine!

4. Chinese Zodiac- Monkey Temporary Tattoos

Money Chinese zodiac signs are known for being energetic and cheerful. You can show off that spunky nature using this temporary tattoo.

Thanks to the highest safety standards through cosmetic-grade inks, every one of every age can enjoy these temporary tattoos.

5. Chinese Zodiac – Rat Temporary Tattoos

Rat Chinese zodiac signs are popularly known for being charming and intelligent. You can show off your smarts using these Asian tattoos. They are designed in America using cosmetic-grade inks to ensure high safety standards, making them perfect for individuals of every age.

Concluding Remarks!

First, tattoos of all designs were all the rage. Not having one by then was a cool thing. However, when you apply temporary tattoos these days, you are seen as a cool guy with style. They are also the best for both worlds, bridging a gap between those who aren’t decisive about settling on permanent ink and those who want to be inked.

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