7 Reasons to Choose a Celebration of Life Ceremony


There has been a growing trend throughout recent years toward having celebration of life ceremonies, as opposed to traditional funerals.

These types of end-of-life traditions are generally more positive, because they don’t solely focus on an individual’s death. Celebration of life ceremonies are now common in all parts of the United States, and there are many reasons why you might be interested in pre-planning your celebration of life far before your actual passing.

One of the top-rated life celebration centers in America is the Jackson Lytle & Lewis Life Celebration Center, and their industry experts have provided this list of seven reasons why you should choose a celebration of life ceremony.

So if you’re currently interested in learning more about how a celebration of life ceremony might be right for you and your family, check out the below sections to see why these end-of-life ceremonies are growing in popularity:

Profound Emotional Healing

By far one of the top benefits of celebration of life ceremonies is that the friends and loved ones of the recently deceased will be provided with a profound sense of closure and emotional healing.

Instead of focusing on the sadness and inevitability of death, celebrations of life allow people to come together and remember the good times that they had with their loved one. These celebrations are largely oriented around joy, as well as the love that was shared with the deceased.

This positive and uplifting approach to an end-of-life ceremony also goes a long way to help people with their grief.

Personalized End-Of-Life Ceremony

Another great reason to choose a celebration of life is because these ceremonies are fully tailored to the honored individual who has recently passed away.

The vast majority of traditional funerals follow an established format, but celebrations of life are the exact opposite. These ceremonies are customized to reflect the interests, passions and personality of the deceased, and this is a big reason why it’s a good idea to pre-plan your celebration of life well in advance.

There’s absolutely no denying the increased meaningfulness when a celebration of life ceremony is oriented around a passed loved one’s interests, and this makes the entire day more personal for friends and loved ones as well.

Broad Inclusivity

Another great factor of celebrations of life is that they’re fully inclusive for all cultures and beliefs. This of course is very different as compared to traditional funerals that are usually specific for cultural or religious practices.

Many people love how celebration of life ceremonies are open and receptive to everyone involved. This often makes it easier for friends and family to come together in ways that are appropriate and comfortable for everyone.

Creative Ceremonial Expressions

Celebration of life ceremonies also provide many opportunities for creative ceremonial expressions, and this is mainly because there are countless ways to pay tribute to and remember the deceased’s life.

Many celebrations of life involved movie screenings, karaoke, concerts, outdoor activities and other creative ideas. Rather than being a passive experience like traditional funerals, celebrations of life ask guests to be active participants with their final farewells.

More Affordable Than Funerals

A lot of people don’t realize this, but celebrations of life are actually much more affordable as compared to conventional funerals. Funerals often involve expensive costs like a burial plot, casket and comprehensive funeral services—which can quickly add up.

Celebrations of life can be held at any location, including free venues like beaches, public parks or a private residence. Celebrations of life can also be as simple or elaborate as a family’s budget allows, and the celebration will always feel complete due to the emphasis on participation.


Traditional funerals often involve things like embalming fluids and cemetery burials, which have negative ecological impacts.

For eco-conscious people, celebration of life ceremonies are a great opportunity to reduce a ceremony’s carbon footprint and overall impact. This is partly through cremation services, which help reduce the overall use of land space and embalming fluids.

A lot of celebrations of life also include eco-friendly activities like tree planting, which can go a long way as compared to keeping a ceremony confined to a cemetery.


There’s a lot of flexibility associated with celebrations of life, and this is often a huge benefit that people love. This type of flexibility applies to both the location and timing of the ceremony, as well as many other important factors.

For instance, traditional funerals often occur a few days after someone dies, but a celebration of life can be held at any time that’s convenient or requested. This can give people more time to come together in order to remember the deceased, which is often a lot easier on people’s scheduling and budget.

Reach Out To The Jackson Lytle & Lewis Life Celebration Center To Learn More About Celebration Of Life Ceremonies

Celebration of life ceremonies offer a valuable and unique alternative to conventional funerals, and this is a huge reason why they’re growing in popularity throughout the country.

One of the top-rated celebration of life providers is the Jackson Lytle & Lewis Life Celebration Center, and their industry experts can be reached when you check out the link to their website that’s located at the top of this page.

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