A Guide To Electric Car Charging Stations


On India’s southeast coast, Chennai leads the global push for eco-friendly transportation with its growing network of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. This blog delves into the evolving EV landscape in Chennai, covering charging station types, locations, technologies, and environmental benefits.

Charging Stations In Chennai:

The following is a curated list of electric vehicle charging stations in Tamil Nadu and Chennai, featuring critical details about their locations and charging capabilities.

EESL Charging Station:

Address: KuralagamParrys High Court Metro Station Front and Centre

Phone: 9500785822

Features: One DC charging slot with a GBT (Level 3) charging port type.

Zulaikha Motors Charging Station:

Address: 10/8 3rd Main Road Sai Nagar Ambattur Industrial Estate, below the telephone exchange bridge

Phone: 9742211172

Features: Six AC charging slots with a 3PIN-15AMP Socket (Level 1) and CCS-II, CHAdeMO, Socket, and 3PIN charging port options.

Diselecti Automotive Charging Station (Pvt Ltd.):

Address: East Coast Road, ChettiyarAgaram, 60/2 61/2

Phone: 9884866993

Features: One Type 2 (Level 2) AC charging slot with an AC TYPE 2 charging port.

FPL-Automotive Charging Location:

Address: 824 NandnamAnnasali Charging Station, Annasali

Phone: 18008332233

Features: Four charging slots, each with a CCS-II charging port type.

Koyambedu Charging Station (TCCC):

Address: Koyembedu Station, Kaliamman Main Road

Features: One charging slot with a CCS-II charging port type.

As Chennai’s electric vehicle ecosystem expands, finding charging stations becomes easier. Dedicated websites and mobile apps like PlugShare and Magenta ChargeGrid offer real-time information on station locations, charger types, availability, and user reviews. These applications often include navigational features for seamless guidance, enhancing the accessibility of charging infrastructure for EV owners.

Cost Of Charging An Electric Vehicle:

The cost of charging an electric vehicle in Chennai depends on factors like battery size, charger type, and local electricity rates. With an average electricity rate of ₹8 per kWh in Chennai, fully charging a 50 kWh battery would cost around ₹400. However, actual costs may vary based on specific variables.

Insurance For Electric Vehicles:

Considering their unique components, like advanced batteries, comprehensive electric vehicle insurance is crucial for EVs. Insurance providers offer electric car insurance plans tailored to meet the specific needs of EV owners, including coverage for batteries and protection against theft, accidents, damage, and liability. Their user-friendly policies simplify the claims process, providing peace of mind for EV enthusiasts. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under the motor insurance policy.

The benefits of buying electric cars in India include reduced carbon emissions, lower fuel costs, and government incentives promoting sustainable and eco-friendly transportation. When considering the choice between an electric car and a petrol car in India, factors such as environmental impact, fuel efficiency, and government policies play a crucial role in making an informed decision. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under the motor insurance policy.

Chennai’s commitment to sustainable transportation is evident in the growing infrastructure of electric vehicle charging stations. With user-friendly apps, manufacturer initiatives, and navigational systems, finding these stations in the city has always been challenging. Ensuring proper electric vehicle insurance coverage becomes essential as the EV community expands. Reliable insurers stand out as a trustworthy partners, offering comprehensive coverage and prompt customer service for a secure and enjoyable journey in electric transportation.

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