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Fitness Gadgets That You Need at Home


When it comes to working out, sometimes we need a little help from technology to keep up on thE straight and narrow. Thankfully, technology has evolved so much that it is able to help us in all areas, and achieve goals that we didn’t think were possible. Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled our top fitness gadgets that are going to help you further your fitness dreams/ 

Nurvv Smart Insoles:

If you want a way to monitor your steps around the home, then the Nurvv Smart Insole shoes are the perfect gadget to have. The insoles in the shoes have trackers in them, so you can monitor how many steps you have been doing. Additionally, the results from the insoles can provide you with tailored training tips, which is another neat accessory.

Tangram Smart Rope:

Say goodbye to the old days of skipping! Thanks to the Tangram Smart Rope, you are now able skip your way into the future. This gadget, alongside its LED-embedded lights, allows you to record data of your skipping session. The skipping rope will display how many times you were in the air, and will also provide a guided workout which has recommendations for you.

Pulseroll Vibrating Foam Roller:

Foam rolling is the perfect way to improve your SMR technique (self-myofascial release). Foam rolling is proving to relieve muscle tension, and any tightness or soreness you may be suffering from. Additionally, it’s a great way to improve any joint movement and motion. Therefore, the Pulseroll vibrating foam roller is the perfect way to further improve your recovery. As the gadget vibrates, it can increase your range of circulation, increasing it by 22%.

Posture Trainer:

For most people, having and maintaining good posture can be a very tricky thing. This is made increasingly more difficult if you have a desk job or do a job that is very physically demanding. This one product can massively help with your posture, as the device uses sensors to make sure that your posture is staying up straight. It does this by sending a small vibration whenever the device can sense your back starting to slouch. Additionally, the device claims that it can fully adjust your posture in just under two weeks.

Withings Body and Scale:

If you’re actively trying to lose weight, or even just monitoring your body and weight- then the Withings body and scale gadget is perfect for you. Using innovative technology, the device can connect to your smartphone app- and allow you to keep an online diary of your weight. In addition to this, the device also lets you track up to eight people’sweight at home and can record your BMI.

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