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7 Easy Ideas for Your Next DIY House Project


Whether you are planning on selling your property and want to increase your house value or simply wish to modernise and spruce up your place, there are inexpensive ways to do that without sacrificing too much time or money. Surely, it won’t be as easy and fast as you see it on a TikTok video, but these simple DIY projects can be completed in no time while also saving you thousands of pounds worth of renovations and professional help. Here at We Buy Any House, we have gathered some of the easiest DIY ideas for your next home renovation project that will not only spruce up your space but also increase your house value significantly in case you were considering selling as well.

1. Repaint Your Walls

There is nothing like repainting an old and dull wall with a fresh colour. You will instantly see what a massive difference it will make to the space, making it appear much fresher and well-maintained. A smart trick that could save you a lot of money and time is to pick a very bold colour such as dark green or dark blue and only paint one wall. It would give the room a very modern vibe that will only cost you one can of paint. What’s more, it’s fun! You could get some friends over to help you and make an entertaining day out of it.

2. Transform Your Floors

The floor is one of those places that can get damaged the most, which is why it is important to keep it well-maintained and upgraded at all times. Whether you have a concrete floor or your wooden one needs to be replaced, it is a task which can be done easily and quickly. These days there are alternatives for anything and they are idiot proof such as the peel and stick floor tiles. No need for a professional or more than a couple of hours to complete, they make it the ideal DIY home project to take on this weekend.

3. Upgrade Hardware

No matter how insignificant hardware may seem, upgrading your cabinet knobs and drawers’ handles will give your furniture the ultimate facelift. Nothing screams outdated more than loose hardware which is why this little project will do wonders for your home. All you’ll need is some tools and new hardware. Alternatively, you could readjust the old ones if they are not too worn out and save some money off it as well.

4. Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Trends change all the time and different colours come into play as time goes by. Potentially, you could do a full kitchen renovation, however, if you just wish to modernise the space without spending too much, painting your kitchen cabinets in a different colour will completely transform your place. You would be surprised at how much a different colour would change your whole aesthetic in your kitchen, making it appear as if you just had a full renovation or brand new cabinets.

5. Take Care of The Outside Bit

While the inside of your house is important for your comfort, the outside bit is just as important. First impressions count and no matter how nice your house is inside, if the outside bit does not match up then what’s the point of it all. That is why it is so vital to take care of your garden, landscaping, add finishing touches to your windows, plants and everything that could contribute to the well-being of your house.

6. Upgrade Your Doors

Similar to hardware, doors really can show when they are outdated. At the end of the day, they are being used multiple times a day and sometimes not only the handles on them but also their mechanism can get faulty. Either repainting them or fixing small things in the mechanism so that they would not squeak is going to make a big difference.

7. Make Use of Grout Pens

Bathroom tiles can get rather dirty quite fast and changing them is not as easy as changing your floors. A simple trick you could do is use a grout pen to colour that space between the tiles and make them look all new and shiny. It is a temporary option but is very effective and not time-consuming, so it makes the cut!

There are numerous more ways to make your house look like it has just gone through renovation while you have actually spent no more than a day completing these tasks. It’s important to remember that you do not always need a huge amount of money to spruce up your place and if you play smarter, not harder, you can achieve that modern, shiny new look without breaking the bank. 

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