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Five Tips To Help You Spot Fake Persian Rugs!


Although reproduction rugs are wildly popular in today’s rug industry, most people don’t want to get stuck with fake Persian rugs when they’re looking for the real deal. But the hard truth is that there are plenty of scammers out there who are looking to prey on a rug shopper’s lack of industry knowledge.

That’s why it’s such a good thing that you’re currently here on this article, because below we’re going to be detailing five crucial tips to keep in mind when you’re trying to determine whether or not Persian rugs are authentic. This type of rug shopping is of course a lot easier said than done, so take it from the Rug Source industry pros in that these tips will point you in the right direction!

Be Cautious Of Hard Plastic Backings On Persian Rugs 

All authentic Persian rugs are hand-knotted, or hand-tufted. This essentially means that the back side of a Persian rug should be like a mirror reflection of its front side, and anything less than this design dynamic is a clear red flag warning sign.

Hard plastic backings on area rugs are usually an indication that the rug was designed with synthetic materials, and authentic Persian rugs are always made from natural materials.

Although some people are becoming more interested in fake Persian rugs and reproduction rugs for their affordability, absolutely no one wants to pay full price for a rug to later find out it’s not the real thing!

The Colors On The Persian Rug Easily Bleed 

Another clear warning sign to be on the lookout for is the potential for bleeding colors on a fake Persian rug. All Persian rugs are designed with natural dyes, which means the colors should never, ever bleed when wet.

On the other hand, synthetic/chemical dyes found in fake Persian rugs will sometimes bleed when you rub a damp paper towel on the rug’s surface. So if you are shopping for a Persian rug and you’re a bit concerned it might be a fake, consider getting a damp cloth and rubbing it on the area rug.

If any colors come off the rug and onto the cloth, it’s clearly a fake.

Sewn/Glued-On Rug Fringe

Another major red flag warning sign to keep an eye out for is when you notice the fringe of a Persian rug being sewn or glued onto the rug’s foundation. Every Persian rug is handmade, which means the rug’s fringe is subsequently a part of the rest of the rug (i.e. there’s no separation).

This is sometimes a rather deceptive trick in the rug shopping world, because a lot shady rug sellers know that people don’t understand this specific distinction between authentic and fake Persian rugs. So when you’re shopping for Persian rugs, always be sure to very carefully examine the rug’s fringe before purchasing it!

Be Skeptical If The Persian Rug Isn’t Hand-Knotted 

Although many great Persian rugs do technically fall into the hand-tufted category, pretty much all of the most authentic Persian rugs are hand-knotted. Hand-knotted rugs are the cream of the crop in the rug industry, and this is partly because they are extremely durable and make intricate designs possible.

Many rug dealers will try to pass hand-tufted rugs off as hand-knotted, and this is typically because most people can’t tell the difference. So it’s crucial to always look for subtle signs of human error on a Persian rug, because this is a sign that it actually was made by an expert artisan!

Authentic Persian Rugs Are Typically Made Of Wool

Although there are some variations of Persian rugs made of different materials, the vast majority of authentic Persian rugs are made from wool. Wool is preferred for countless reasons, so if a rug isn’t made from wool, it’s a sign to be at least a bit skeptical about the rug’s authenticity.

Contact The Experts at Rug Source When You’re Looking To Avoid Fake Persian Rugs! 

There are plenty of variations amongst Persian rugs, but there are also many fakes out there that rug shoppers need to be cautious of. That is unless you are specifically looking for a cheaper option that looks just like the real thing!

But no matter what exactly you’re looking for in your next Persian rugs, Rug Source Inc. is one of the top online rug outlets in America to consider for all of your area rug needs. Rug Source is widely known throughout the industry for its unbeatable prices and unparalleled customer service/shipping.

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