Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania- An Overview Of One Of The Most Successful Farms In The USA


When it comes to farms in Pennsylvania, Hillandale Farms is a credible and esteemed name known for its sustainable farming practices and production of eggshells. The team of experts here is committed to the environment and makes an earnest bid to reduce their carbon footprint by being close to their customers. When it comes to farming practices, the team resorts to natural energy and emerging technologies that are sustainable in nature to protect bio-diversity and all living species.

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania- its inspiring history and growth  

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania started in 1958 when its founder Orland Bethel who was a coal truck driver in Flushing, Ohio, decided to join an egg farm. He was so impressed with the prospects of this farm that he borrowed money to buy it. He started his initial business by re-selling eggs, and in the middle of the 1970s, after his son, Gary joined the farms, he expanded into other territories and started organic food production.

Leaders in animal welfare  

Today, these farms raise more than 20 million chickens and ensure their chicken houses are clean and safe for the birds. The teams who work at these farms have their background checked so that there are no acts of cruelty to the chickens. The farms have earned themselves a number of animal certifications from various bodies under the Animal Welfare Program. They raise their chickens cage-free and feed them vegetarian food. They are known for the quality food products that are sold in the market, like cage-free eggs, butter, cheese, and more.

 The extensive use of wind and solar energy for farming practices 

When it comes to farming practices, these farms extensively optimize the power of wind and solar energy. There are several solar panels installed in the area, and they ensure that natural resources are protected round-the-clock. The farms even have a sophisticated water treatment plant to filter the water that is used for washing the eggs to ensure they are returned to the soil safely.

Protect the environment and reduce carbon footprint  

When it comes to industrial farming practices, a lot of chemicals are released into the environment endangering the health of the soil. Food crops cannot be grown in such an environment, and so it is the need of the hour for farmers to switch to sustainable farming practices. In this method, they use natural resources in the region for food production.

Their customers and employees are valued highly  

The professionals from Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania are wholly committed to their customers. They value the health of the chickens they breed and ensure their chicken houses are free from flies with natural methods. The employees here get a lot of benefits and are taken care of well by the company.

The Farms also believe in serving the community, and so it regularly donates to homeless shelters. When it comes to sustainable farming and organic food products, these farms are one of the top names in the USA today.

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