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How to Get Started in the Free Zone to setup business in Dubai


“We are a group of corporate specialists who help thousands of companies to establish an offshore company or offshore entity in Dubai. Our company services incorporate in offshore company system, legal registration of companies, and the formation of company in the tax free zones in Dubai.” (From the website of Company Formation in Dubai) This company offers all services that a typical company would need to open an off-site company in Dubai.

“Offshore business setup in Dubai is becoming popular by international businesses to gain advantage over their local counterparts. A good business setup in Dubai ensures that your company enjoys all the benefits and advantages of having a registered business in a foreign country, while at the same time enjoying the tax benefits and exemption from local customs duties and regulation.” (From the website of Company Formation in Dubai) This company also offers offshore company services like trademark registration, offshore company management, and offshore intellectual property registration, among others.

In Dubai, the Company Formation also provides expert consultants with domain names, email accounts, internet banking, website design, and web development. With the help of a seasoned team of domain experts and domain consultants, your brand can be seen online within minutes. “The success of most companies in the Middle East and North Africa can be attributed to the presence of experienced and professional consultants,” says Anwar Shaikh, Partner at ACN. “These consultants are provided with the expertise required to assist their client in Business setup in Dubai. These consultants have years of experience in dealing with multinational corporations, and can easily integrate your company’s requirements and expectations into their strategy.”

The Company Formation in Dubai provides companies with expert consultants to help them set up a business in Dubai. Companies can benefit from the services offered by the business consultants with their offshore company setup in Dubai. The business consultants help their clients to set up a business through a free registration of the business name and an offshore company setup in Dubai. This offshore company can hold all kinds of companies from import and export, real estate, engineering, telecommunications, oil & gas, finance, and many other services, for further details regarding this free zone company setup in Dubai.

The registration process is handled by the corporate registration consultants of this company setup in Dubai. The consultants provide complete assistance to their clients during the registration process and help them achieve their business goals. During the registration process, all company documents are sent to the Registrar of Companies (ROC). At this stage, all the company’s official documents set up in Dubai are sent to the Registrar of Companies.

The registered company now needs to apply for trademark registration. The company needs to submit its Articles of Association and pay the filing fees to do this. After submission of these documents, the company then needs to pay a fee for the expert consultants of the Dubai Business Development Company (DBDC) to handle the trademark registration process. Once the application is approved, the new company details are published in the Official Gazette. The experienced trademark registration consultants handle this whole process of business setup in Dubai.

One of the easiest ways to start a business in Dubai is through the free zone business setup. This is done through the formation of an individual business venture. A company needs to appoint at least one director and the other partners for managing the business. All the company directors need to have a minimum of five years’ experience in a similar kind of business. After appointing the directors, all the employees need to register with the Companies Administration (CA) and sign the Memorandum of Association.

After the business setup in Dubai is complete, the new company needs to obtain a local government license for its operations. This process can take about two weeks or sometimes even more. But, once this is done, the new company will be able to operate freely within the free zones of UAE, and it will become easy for the companies from the mainland of UAE to move to Dubai and start their businesses.

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