Quick Romantic Flowers

Quick Romantic Flowers to Impress Your Loved One


Roses have always been seen to win hearts because of the romance they emit. But you know, apart from wonderful roses, there are many other flowers too that can make the other person feel loved, romantic and absolutely excited. When you look into the options of flower bouquets at places like Baulkham hills florist, you will have an abundance of flowers to choose from.

If you feel that there is only a rose that can be gifted as a romantic gesture, then you are mistaken. Here are some other types of flowers that you would want to explore to give as a present:

Stunning Tulips

You can never really go wrong with tulips when gifting them to someone you love. These stunning red flowers hint at imagination and are even known to be aphrodisiacs. The best choice for sensitive individuals, these flowers are going to rhyme perfectly and completely with your emotional lady. So, it is time that you go ahead with these stunning looking bunch of lovely tulips and impress your partner with the taste you have. Indeed, she is going to be impressed for sure.

Peppy Geraniums

Bright red or even pink Geraniums make a great alternative to roses on any day or even on Valentine’s Day and are definitely going to bring a cheek to cheek smile on your beloved’s face. Representing a fresh start to your bond , these vibrant and even gorgeous flowers say all about love. It is time that you impress your girl with these bright type of coloured flowers and make her Valentine’ Day absolutely different from the others.

Lively Lilies

A bold and spectacular kind of pick, lilies are flowers that simply set the ideal background to express your love. Forming an atmosphere of love and romance, these flowers underline love, wealth and even prosperity which are the things one would surely wish for the love of their life. You can select from Asiatic and Tiger lilies that are available in myriad colours like red, pink, orange and red. The point is the site of lilies is going to be heart-winning for sure.

Graceful Iris

It is time that you dig your way into your darling’s heart with exotic type of purple iris romance flowers. A remarkable gift for your beloved on a special Day, these flowers are surely a sign of hope and even faith that you put in your partner, all through any years of togetherness. Iris is even the Greek Goddess of love and signifies elegance and sophistication with its distinctness. Surprise your partner with these little beauties that will definitely take her heart away.


Well, the most gorgeous and refined way of saying ‘I Love You’, such are the soft and absolutely delicate yellow spring flowers, is the sweetest manner in which you can express your true love. These come in diverse colours and shapes that look as wonderful and cheerful as your lady. You can easily choose from an array of colours like pink and white, yellow and make your special day memorable.


To sum up, since you know about some of the most romantic flowers to give to your loved one apart from roses; go for them.

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