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Revature Discusses Ways To Get Head Start on a Tech Career While Still in College


No matter whether one is crystal clear on their dream job in software development or is planning to become a programmer, college is the right time to start preparing for a tech career. After all, tech is an immensely competitive field. Hence, to gain an edge against peers it is better to start preparing as soon as possible. Experts at Revature especially underline that college students would find plenty of opportunities available to them for building skills and expertise needed in the tech industry.

Revature shares insight into the ways to prepare for a career in tech while being in college

A career in tech is truly a career without boundaries. Right from product design and web development to programming and app development, the range of opportunities and job roles in the domain of tech is pretty expansive. This rewarding and dynamic industry attracts many young minds. There are a lot of college students who make up their mind to build a career in tech. To make the most of the opportunities available to them, these individuals need to start preparing for their career early on. They can do this by attending hackathons, getting internships, and so on.

Hackathons have become abundantly popular in the recent years. These events usually last 24-48 hours, and provide a platform for developers and other tech professionals to come together to solve a problem or build something new. Many hackathons have themes, and a few of them also award prizes. Attending a hackathon would be a good way to learn valuable skills and network with people who are already a part of the tech industry. Hackathons take place across the United States. Detailed insight into them can be found online.

Getting an internship is also a good way to get a head start when it comes to making a career in tech. Some internships are paid, and may even turn into full-time job offers after graduation. People can often find good internships by contacting the career center at their college. If not, they can always explore the web for opportunities. Experts at Revature mention that people can find details of tech training courses and programs online as well, which equips them with the most in-demand skills in the industry. Completing such courses can prove to be quite fruitful for many individuals planning to make their career in the tech industry by improving their overall employability. The tech industry is always evolving and changing. Therefore it is critical that candidates keep their skills up-to-date. If they are unable to take up training programs, they can at least try reading articles related to their desired field to stay updated with the latest trends.

College students may even get involved in open source projects to prepare for their career in tech. These basically are collaborative projects where code is available freely to be used, edited, and shared with anyone. Getting involved in such projects is a good way to build a portfolio, meet other developers and learn new skills.

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