Cuisinart Food Processor

So Much Soup With My Cuisinart Food Processor


Soup season is my absolute favorite. When the weather starts to get a little brisk, and I mean even the slightest chill in the air, I start making soup. It continues that way until late springtime. Now that I’m aware of how to do it right, I make much bigger batches to give to my family and to freeze them for myself too. We are never without soup over the fall and winter.

Once I got into making larger quantities, that needed to change.  I loved my immersion blender, and it certainly has its place in my kitchen, but it wasn’t doing the job that I needed.

The chopping by hand became so tedious, and quite frankly I was over it. It was all taking too long. I went online and did some research and it looked like the solution to both of these problems was to use a food processor. The thought had literally never crossed my mind.

I had a food processor in my storage unit, so I went to get it. It only had one blade and that one was pretty dull. That ended up being pretty disappointing. I hoped like crazy that I could get new blades. Otherwise I’d have to buy a whole new food processor.

I lugged it back home anyway, trying to be optimistic. I did some digging and found a place to order Cuisinart 14 cup food processor parts. I made my purchase from

Kitchen Works USA and waited for my things to get here. 

When they arrived I was so excited to get started. Apparently I could chop any veggies that I was adding to my soup in the food processor. Such an amazing time saver. On top of that, if I was making a soup that needed to be blended like squash soup or something, I could do that in the food processor too. This thing was almost like magic!

Everything would always come out perfectly. I could grate things, chop things, purée things. It seemed like the possibilities were endless. All of my soups came out perfectly every single time. I only wished I’d known sooner.

Now I’m making way larger batches and I have so much more for friends and family. I’ve even considered selling some at my local farmers market, but that is yet to be decided. If I do, I’m well equipped for it.

My soup dreams have come true with my Cuisinart food processor. I’m so happy that I have an easy way to make all of my soups. I definitely recommend this method to any soup connoisseur.

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