The 8 Best e-signature tools


Signing contracts and other documents can be a real chore, especially if the people involved are far from each other.

But have you thought about using an electronic signature tool ? Legal and legally valid, the e-signature simplifies your life and allows you to sign your documents in the blink of an eye, whatever their format (PDF, Word, etc.)

The electronic signature is at the heart of digital innovations and the dematerialization of business services. Certify your documents faster online thanks to our top 5 of the best tools in the field!

You are certainly asking yourself a lot of questions about electronic signatures . Rest assured, you are not alone!

This is a fairly recent practice that quickly spread to many companies, without always being fully understood or mastered.

However, it is used to authenticate and officially approve important documents such as those related to legal and legal for example.

Here are all the keys to understanding its operation, its usefulness, its legal value as well as the existing solutions to implement it in your company.

What is the electronic signature?

The electronic signature is to a digital document what the handwritten signature is to a paper document.

Concretely, it allows you to signify your approval, and commits you to the signed document . For this, there is suitable software using a specific cryptographic technique . You can sign all types of files, such as Word, PDF, jpeg or XML for example.

The electronic signature has a real legal value, therefore it commits you. It is accepted as proof in the event of litigation or control, insofar as the document can be kept in such a way as to guarantee its security and integrity.

What are the different advantages of the electronic signature?

  1. You can keep a document in digital format only, which makes document management easier .
  2. You can exchange your contracts directly by email, and save time in processing time.
  3. You no longer need a cumbersome paper filing system (only if you can ensure the security of the IT systems).

In what looks like the digital signature?

An electronic signature is not your signature on a digital document. It is a series of numbers associated with a file and the person who signed it.

Some software authenticates electronic signatures when opening documents, for added security.

 Also, it is necessary to add a date to your document using an electronic time stamping tool. A timestamp token guarantees the existence of a file on a given date and the authenticity of the document.

We have therefore selected for you 8 electronic signature software that you should not miss.

1.   DocuSign

DocuSign is one of the most popular electronic signature tools (with nearly 200 million users).

Secure, practical and open, DocuSign has a large number of integrations with various applications (Microsoft, Google, Apple, SalesForce, etc.) to make your life easier.

2.    Eversign

Eversign automates signature tasks (contracts, etc.) and can be integrated into many external applications (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.), all with a high level of security.

What’s more, this online signature tool is free (if you opt for the first option).

3.   Yousign

Simple, secure and legal electronic signature solutions: this is what Yousign offers , an easy-to-access tool that allows you to send, sign and validate your electronic documents from anywhere.

4.   Adobe Sign

When it comes to digital documents, Adobe is one of the best-known names. It is therefore not surprising that the Californian firm has created its own electronic signature software: Adobe Sign .

Rich in features and easy to use, Adobe Sign can be used on desktop or mobile. It also includes an authentication service that guarantees the legal validity of signatures.

5.   SodaPDF

Focusing on accessibility in all circumstances, SodaPDF is optimized for mobile and tablet. It is one of the best apps for esign pdf.

Simplicity is there, since you can especially create reusable templates for recurring documents that frequently require signatures.

6.   Secured Signing

Secured Signing has several attractive features such as video confirmation, which provides an irrefutable verification of the identity of the signer of a document.

The tool is also financially accessible and very flexible.

7.   Signaturit

Signaturit offers intuitive, legal and secure electronic signature solutions, allowing companies to digitize and automate their contracting processes.

Face to face, online or remotely, Signaturit allows you to easily have your documents signed electronically. Signers can sign from any device (PC, tablet or smartphone), wherever they are, without having to download an app.

Signaturit offers two use options: a SaaS platform or an API that easily integrates into all business applications and workflows. Thanks to its numerous functionalities, Signaturit’s solutions adapt to the needs of all types of businesses, whatever their size or sector.

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