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Tips on Trends and Saving Money With Your Next Bathroom Remodel


Any bathroom remodel has the potential to be quite costly. However, there are several things that you can do to watch the cost. Here are some of our best tips for not only saving some dough but also on upcoming trends for your remodeling project.

One great way to save some extra cash is to reuse items. As long as items are salvageable, they can generally be used. One way to save is to purchase some spray paint and then go to town with your hardware. Just freshening it up with a new color can give the bathroom a new vibe.

You should also plan on purchasing the fixtures for your bathroom remodel yourself. Sure, it may be easier to have your plumbing company do it, but they are not going to find the best deals like you can. They will just want to purchase it in the fastest manner they can, even if it means spending more.

If you want to move things around in your bathroom, it can give it a new, updated look. Moving a tub can provide a completely different look, but one thing you should never move is the faucet. This will take a decent chunk of time and wind up costing you a lot more for your bathroom remodel than you may have wanted to spend.

One thing we love doing is mixing and matching cheap and expensive items. There are some things you might not wish to cheap out on, but with others, it is imperative to look around for cheaper alternatives if you are trying to save some money.

Make a fearless declaration with vivid bathroom remodeling ideas, picking an eye-catching color scheme. One such example is pink combined with trendy black to provide a pretty palette with an industrial touch. Using paint to divide the space in half and bringing the top paint up to the ceiling gives the space a visual dimension without the cost of building onto it.

Patterned floor tiles add interest to a simple scheme and bring the colors together in other bathrooms. Victorian-style prints are reminiscent of the property’s period while complementingtraditional baths and showers perfectly. Simple subway tiles give a sleek and stylish finish to a room, adding an illusion of height and space without tearing down the walls.

One recommendation isstaying away from hardwood, as it’s not the best choice for a bathroom remodel due to the amount of water and steam in the room. Your best bets are to use porcelain or ceramic tiles, vinyl planks, or vinyl tiles. You should be able to find stunning imitation wood in different types of vinyl floors that are completely waterproof and much cheaper.

If you are in the Tampa, FL, area and need some help with your bathroom remodel project, we would love to speak with you. Call Hybrid Construction LLC today to see what we can do for you.

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