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Top Data Structures and Algorithms Courses Online for Programmers


The core of computer science and technology is data structures and algorithms (DSA). Each and every aspect of computer development is dependent upon these fundamentals. Major organizations like Amazon, Facebook, and Google are searching for capable developers with excellent programming and DSA skills.

Whether you want to enhance your programming knowledge or get a better-paying job, a data structures and algorithms course is the ultimate help. However, as opposed to the common notion, you don’t need a degree or college-level education to gain these skills. These days, online courses have come of great help to students who need to upskill themselves.

The DSA concept applies to any programming language like Python or Java, so enrolling in any DSA and system design courses will be beneficial. System design courses are really important for those trying to appear for tech interviews. Most product-based companies like Microsoft and Google conduct their questions on the basis of system design concepts.

The critical thing to look out for in online courses is their course curriculum and the features they provide. You will benefit a lot from courses that provide online classes with practical applications so students learn in the best way possible.

Top data structures and algorithms online programs are mentioned below.

1.  Algorithms & Data Structures-Part 1 and 2

This Coursera program covers every concept in data structures and algorithms required by a programmer. The course teaches students through Java. The course has two parts that teach core DSA concepts employed in today’s applications.

The first section of the data structures and algorithms course covers sorting, searching algorithms, and basic data structures. You will learn string and graph processing in the second section. The course also provides a certificate after finishing this program. The modules use Java applications and scientific analysis to teach the students in an easy manner.

Course details

This is a 6-week-long course offering two weekly lectures, quizzes, and assignments. You will get 5 coding assessments to complete. There are also interview questions based on algorithms.


You need to know mathematics and Java concepts like arrays, loops, objects, recursion, and functions.

2. Master the Coding Interview

The data structures and algorithms course helps students crack programming interviews. The course teaches algorithms in sorting, searching, and more. The mentor also teaches JavaScript in a simple manner for beginners. It is available on Udemy’s website.

The mentors teach essential coding skills for interviews, such as reducing code complexity from one level to another. You will also learn various data structure types and choose the correct data structure for a problem. They also teach important concepts like dynamic programming that most programmers don’t study.

Students can learn to crack interviews for big businesses, such as Facebook, Netflix, Google, etc., through this course. Additionally, you will prepare your soft skills for non-coding rounds.

Course details

It is a 20-hour-long course that you can finish in one month.


Students should be familiar with a minimum of one programming language.

3. Software Development Master Program

A comprehensive data structures and algorithms course that teaches students the concepts of programming, DSA, and system design. The program covers programming fundamentals, basic and advanced DSA, and system design. This Software Development Master Program with Domain Specialization, available on the Learnbay website, helps prepare students for jobs in large-scale MNCs.

They rovide live, interactive classes with expert mentorship available at all times. Students will practice real-world applications to enhance their programming skills. There are interview classes where students can prepare for interviews, along with experts to guide them through.

Those who are not sure can opt for career counseling sessions with mentors. They will help them choose the right program according to their needs. They provide globally recognized certificates from IBM and Microsoft. These prestigious certifications are rough to take your resume to the next level.

Course details

This is a 9 to 11 months long course that students can study on weekdays or weekends. It provides six mock interviews that students can take with experts in industries. They offer resume-building and overall placement support to the students.


Students with at least six months of industry experience in IT or non-IT domains are eligible.

4. Data Structure and Algorithm Course

Scaler Academy provides the course to help students easily understand complex topics. The data structures and algorithms course offers theoretical and practical knowledge. They provide course curricula from top universities to their students. Students get to solve various coding problems and practice real-world problems.

The program provides modules for beginners, intermediate, and advanced-level students. The sections cover everything from basic DSA and system design concepts to advanced DSA and the application of algorithms.

Course details

The course takes 9-11 months to complete depending on your knowledge level. You can get a course compilation certificate as well. There are quizzes, real-world problems, and video courses provided.


There is no particular eligibility criteria.

5. Data Structures and Algorithms–Self-Paced

It is a self-paced data structures and algorithms course by GeeksforGeeks. They offer modules in C++ and Java programming languages. There are premium video lectures students can access to learn about the concepts in DSA.

The modules cover recursion, arrays, linked lists, dynamic programming, and many more DSA concepts. The course is for beginners and intermediate-level programmers.

Course details

You can complete this self-paced course in 8 weeks. There are video recordings, assessments, and coding exercises.


There are no eligibility criteria for this course.

In Summary,

Every language is built on data structures and algorithms. Before starting any course, one should understand the basics of DSA to learn how to tackle industry problems efficiently.

There are many DSA and system design courses available for students online. If you want to enhance your coding skills without an extensive degree program, an online course is the best way to do so.

There are many courses dedicated to helping students become successful programmers. However, the ones that provide the best services, such as live sessions, mentor help, and coding exercises, are most preferable. Enrolling in such courses will increase your chances of employment in world-renowned companies.

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