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Who are the best Bollywood celebrities who have their own restaurants?


Indian actors always enjoy a very huge fan following and some of them have been worshipped for their talent, versatility, and charm. However, gone are the days when the actors just used to make income only through the movies because nowadays everyone is very well interested in investing in other sort of options. So, as a very good potential investment opportunity, many Bollywood actors have ventured into their own restaurants which are very well featured in entertainment news Bollywood. Some of the common details that you need to know about the involvement of actors in the culinary world have been explained as follows:

  1. Gauri Khan- Torii, Mumbai: Wife of SRK has recently opened a very posh restaurant in the city of Mumbai which is very well considered as one of the most sophisticated fine-dine options in the city of dreams. Recently the actress also shared a video giving a tour of the restaurant and this place very well helps provide you with culinary excellence with a sophisticated ambience. Mentioning into the restaurant design very well sparks a world of creativity and the actress has been highly successful in providing the people with a very opulent entertaining experience with unparalleled quality and glamour.
  2. Karan Johar- Neuma, Mumbai: Karan Johar has also opened up his restaurant in Mumbai in 2022 and the decor as well as setting of the restaurant will be providing the best glimpse into his own personality. The restaurant very well provides you with a significant variety of food options including Continental, European, and Asian which will be the best satisfaction to your taste buds.
  3. Shilpa Shetty- Bastian, Mumbai: This place is very well known for its versatility and also provides people with a perfect amalgamation of acting into the culinary business. This is a very popular seafood restaurant located in Mumbai which is owned by Shilpa Shetty with her husband Raj Kundra. This place is very well providing people with easy accessibility to the significant options of seafood dishes which have been crafted with precision and creativity. The restaurant in this case very well helps to provide people with a good number of benefits and food items to be tried. The best part of this place is that you will definitely never regret the visit to this restaurant.
  4. Dino Morea- Crepe Station Cafe, Mumbai: This is another very beautiful place founded by a model who has perfectly ventured into the hospitality industry in this area. This is a very important eater relocated in the heart of Mumbai which specializes in pancakes and the food joint also provides people with a relaxed ambiance with a diverse menu. Going through the reviews on Zomato this place is a very beautiful place to enjoy good food and hospitality which is very well shining out in every aspect of the dining experience.
  5. Sunil Shetty –Mischief Dining Bar, Mumbai: This is another very beautiful place to be visited in the city of Mumbai which comes with a restaurant business owned by Sunil Shetty. This place is located in Mumbai and is a very vibrant establishment that combines creative decor with innovative culinary offerings. From the fusion cocktail to the globally inspired small plates, this place will be definitely successful in capturing the essence of the dynamic personality of Sunil Shetty very successfully.
  6. Arjun Rampal, LAP, New Delhi: This place is very well owned by Arjun Rampal who is very well regarded as one of the most good-looking actors in the entire Bollywood who recently ventured into the hospitality industry with LAP. Basically, this is an upscale nightclub and restaurant located in New Delhi and is very famous in the industry due to its stylish ambiance and best possible cuisine. This place also comes with unparalleled nightlife experience for the individuals and from the celebrity sites to the exquisite dining, you can easily find everything over here. This place is very well-flexing the style of Arjun Rampal for luxury and creativity.
  7. Juhi Chawla and Jay Mehta- Rue du Liban and Gustoso: This celebrity couple is also the owner of the Fine restaurant and the outlet very well provides you with an extensive menu with the influence of food items from many areas of the world including Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Egypt. This place is a very well upscale Italian restaurant that also serving Neapolitan style pizza and the house-made pasta which makes it definitely worth it.
  8. Malaika Arora – the label life in Mumbai: This particular restaurant is very successful in providing the visitors with perfect opportunity to witness the sense of style and grace of Malaika Arora along with her fabulous dancing skills which can perfectly impact the culinary journey with the lab life. Basically, this is a lifestyle brand that will include the best selection of home decor, fashion, and gourmet products. Malaika’s expertise in fashion and design is very well reflected in the aesthetics of this brand.
  9. Chunky Pandey – The Gourmands Mumbai: Chunky Pandey is also very well known for his comic timing in Bollywood movies but has also ventured into the restaurant business with this place. This place is a very popular dining destination in Mumbai which has been successful in combining his love for food with a very detailed understanding of hospitality. This place is basically a culinary heaven for the visitors and very well provides them with the best options for indulging in a perfect brunch or dinner.
  10. Badshah – Dragonfly experience, Delhi: This is one of the most iconic places in the city of Delhi that provides you with the optimum combination of good food, drinks, and music. From the seafood to the folks, this place very well provides you with the best possible Items that will blow your mind, and the cocktails offered will be also definitely worth witnessing. Dragonfly very well helps in creating the elite planning and party experience by providing people with a vibe for the exquisite party and clubbing affair for upscale clients.

Hence, regularly getting in touch with the entertainment news for updates on the industries is definitely advisable for individuals so that they can consistently remain in touch with the updates on the lives of their favorite superstars of Bollywood.

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