Needs A Horse Fly Rug

Why Your Horse Needs A Horse Fly Rug


In the summer, fly rugs are generally used to shield your horse from biting flies and other bothersome insects.When your horse is outside, flies, midges, and other insects can turn even the most picturesque spring or summer day into misery. When your horse is turned out, a fly rug relieves him of that discomfort, allowing him to unwind and graze in comfort. This makes a fly rug equally important just as weatherbeeta elite saddle pad.

These irritants can upset horses by persistently annoying them and making turnout time miserable. Some horses pace or run the fence because they are upset by biting insects. That behavior can hurt someone or make them overheat, harming the paddock.

Fly rugs are additionally used to shield from UV rays from the sun. Because their dark coats absorb the heat fromthe sun and become bleached and dry, dark horses like blacks, browns, and bays may be more susceptible to overheating. Horses with thinner or lighter coats are more susceptible to sunburn or skin damage from UV rays.

Benefits of using fly rugs on your horse

1. Keep insects at bay

A fly rug can help keep your horse calm during summer turnout and stop anxious behavior like pacing or running the fence that could result in injury or overheating. It also relieves your horse’s irritation from flies and other biting insects landing on them.

2. Fly rugs reduce UV damage.

Wearing a horse fly sheet is an effective way to avoid getting bitten by flies, midges, and other insects that result in itchy bumps, welts, rashes, and other skin irritations. Fly rugs reduce your horse’s risk of contracting infections from insect bites that could harm them.

3. UV protection

Your horse’s general health can be improved by allowing them to enjoy summer turnout without being bothered by flies and insects by wearing a breathable fly rug with UV protection. The best fly rugs are breathable, lightweight materials like mesh or net mixed with a poly-cotton blend; they shouldn’t cause the horse to sweat or become overheated.

Features to pay attention to when buying a horse fly rug

Here are the top features you need to look for when choosing a horse fly rug

Custom-made shoulder gussets. Allows your horse to roam freely throughout the paddock

Anti-rub shoulder and chest linings are often made of a smooth material to avoid rubbing and hair damage.

Full Neck: The fly rug’s neck covers the entire length of the horse’s neck, protecting its neck and shoulders. However, rubbing could occur where the neck meets.

Detachable neck—The rug neck can be removed depending on the temperature and weather.

UV Protection: The fly rug will shield you from the sun’s rays.

Waterproofing: To shield the horse’s back from summer downpours, certain fly rugs are offered with a waterproof membrane across the back.

Weave thickness: the tighter the weave or mesh, the smaller the insects it blocks. However, the more open the weave, the more breathable the rug.

Belly Flap: Some rugs have belly flaps or wrap over the horse’s stomach to protect the delicate area.

Wrapping it up

A fly rugis an excellent investment if you want your horse to enjoy its summer turnout without being bothered by flies and other biting insects. It also prevents potential skin issues, allergic reactions, and sun-damaged coats or skin. You can also invest ina winter blanket for horses during cold months.

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