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Exploring Cherai’s Beauty: Top Ten Places to Add to Your Itinerary


Kerala, known as “God’s Own Country,” is one of India’s most breathtaking states. Boasting lush green landscapes, tranquil backwaters and picturesque beaches that draw thousands of tourists annually, Cherai stands out among Kerala’s numerous stunning destinations as a must-visit place for vacationers seeking peaceful yet picturesque vacation experiences. If you are planning to spend some time there, book rooms at Cherai Beach Resorts splendour!

Cherai Beach: A Serene Stretch of Sandy Paradise

Cherai’s main draw is unquestionably its stunning beach. Lined by palm trees, its long stretch of soft sand offers breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea from this tranquil stretch of soft sand – perfect for swimming and relaxing walks or peaceful picnics alike! The calm waters make swimming enjoyable; for added tranquillity enjoy strolls along this idyllic stretch or take part in one of many leisurely watersports available in Cherai.

Munambam Beach: An Undiscovered Gem for Sunset Lovers

Munambam Beach offers an idyllic environment for sunset lovers to unwind and meditate with its serene atmosphere and beautiful sunset views. Don’t be fooled into thinking otherwise though – Munambam is well known for offering breathtaking sunsets that provide the ideal location for relaxation and meditation.

Pallipuram Fort: An Historical Landmark of Colonial India

Pallipuram Fort is a 16th-century Portuguese fort located near Cherai Beach that stands as one of India’s oldest existing European forts – offering visitors an insight into colonial Indian history. A visit here should not be missed by history enthusiasts!

Kuzhupilly Beach Is an Unspoiled Haven for Relaxation and Swimming

Kuzhupilly Beach, near Cherai, is renowned for its peaceful atmosphere and clear waters that make for ideal swimming conditions. Additionally, fishing opportunities abound here as well as providing an insight into traditional daily life among its local inhabitants.

Azheekal Beach: A Beautiful Destination for Beachcombing and Photography

Azheekal Beach, located near Cherai, is a picturesque destination perfect for beachcombing and photography enthusiasts. Renowned for its natural beauty, Azheekal is a prime spot for bird watchers and nature enthusiasts.

Cherai Gowreeshwara Temple Is an Iconic Hindu Site

Cherai Gowreeshwara Temple is an iconic Hindu site located in Cherai. Devoted to Lord Shiva, this religious spot serves as an important religious hub. Renowned for its stunning architectural beauty and significance within Hinduism, Cherai Gowreeshwara Temple should not be missed when exploring Indian culture and spirituality.

Kodungallur Bhagavathy Temple Is an Iconic Site for Goddess Worshipers

Kodungallur Bhagavathy Temple is an iconic site near Cherai. Devoted to Goddess Bhagavathy, this shrine serves as an important religious centre. Renowned for its elaborate rituals and cultural significance, visitors who wish to learn about Indian spirituality should make time to visit this sacred site.

Kottayil Kovilakam: An Enthralling Royal Palace with an Incredible History

Kerala, commonly referred to as the “God’s Own Country,” is one of India’s most picturesque states, boasting lush green landscapes, tranquil backwaters and idyllic beaches that attract millions of tourists each year. Cherai stands out among Kerala’s stunning destinations as an essential must-see when searching for peace and serenity during a vacation; here are our recommendations of places you should add when discovering Cherai.

Cherai Beach: A Tranquil Stretch of Sandy Paradise

Cherai is famed for its beautiful beach. Lined by palm trees and boasting breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea, its long stretch of soft sand offers visitors breathtaking sunset views while inviting them for leisurely walks or peaceful picnics on its tranquil waters. Cherai is undoubtedly home to one of India’s premier resort destinations with its idyllic stretch of soft sand ideal for swimming or simply strolling along.

Munambam Beach offers an ideal tranquil experience away from the crowds, and is known for its spectacular sunsets. Additionally, its tranquil atmosphere makes it an excellent place for relaxation and meditation.

Pallipuram Fort is a 16th-century Portuguese fort near Cherai Beach that stands as an iconic historical landmark and represents India’s oldest remaining European fort. Offering visitors an insight into colonial India’s colonial past, this fort should not be missed! A must-visit for history enthusiasts!

Kuzhupilly Beach, situated near Cherai, offers an idyllic place for relaxation and swimming in its clear waters. Not only that but fishing enthusiasts also find this beach an invaluable opportunity to learn about local customs while witnessing their way of life first-hand.

Azheekal Beach, located near Cherai, is an idyllic destination renowned for its natural beauty that serves as an ideal setting for beachcombing and photography. Additionally, bird watchers and nature enthusiasts frequent this scenic site as well.

Cherai Gowreeshwara Temple is a popular Hindu temple situated in Cherai. Devoted to Lord Shiva, this religious site attracts numerous followers of this religion who visit it regularly for religious services. Famous for its intricate architecture, Cherai Gowreeshwara Temple should not be missed by anyone interested in Indian culture and spirituality.

Kodungallur Bhagavathy Temple is an iconic site located near Cherai that honours Goddess Bhagavathy and provides an important religious space. Famous for its elaborate rituals and unparalleled Indian spirituality studies.

KOTTAYIL KOVILLAKAM is an 11th-century royal palace located near Cherai and well known for its fascinating history, being an important cultural site of Kerala. Visitors to Kottayil Kovilakam can gain a fascinating glimpse into the traditional royal lifestyle as it provides insight into everyday royal life; making this palace an indispensable stop on any history enthusiast’s itinerary.

Thattekad Bird Sanctuary: A Haven for Bird Watchers and Nature Lovers

Thattekad Bird Sanctuary is an extremely popular destination among bird watchers and nature enthusiasts, being located near Cherai and hosting many species – some even rare and endemic ones! The sanctuary also provides visitors with ample space for relaxing while viewing avian life – as it contains several endemic ones in its collection.

Thattekad Bird Sanctuary: A Paradise for Birders and Nature Lovers

Nature enthusiasts and bird watchers must visit Thattekad Bird Sanctuary when in Cherai. Situated in Kothamangalam Taluk of Ernakulam district, the sanctuary is a top attraction among nature enthusiasts and bird watchers alike.

Thattekad Bird Sanctuary covers an area of 25 square kilometers and is home to an abundance of both resident and migratory bird species, and was founded by Dr Salim Ali as one of peninsular India’s richest bird habitats in 1983.

Bird species that are commonly seen at this sanctuary include Indian Pittas, Oriental Darters, Black Bazas, Malabar Trogons and Ceylon Frogmouths. Additionally, this sanctuary provides a home for various mammals, reptiles and amphibians that inhabit its confines.

Visitors can explore the sanctuary either on foot or by boat. Trekking trails lead visitors directly to various bird-watching points where rare Indian species can be spotted. Furthermore, boating facilities allow guests to discover waterways while taking in birding sights from another perspective.

Thattekad Bird Sanctuary provides more than bird watching and nature trails; visitors can also enjoy picnic spots inside the sanctuary for a relaxing afternoon amidst nature. Furthermore, there is a small museum dedicated to Dr Salim Ali that gives an insight into its history and significance for visitors.

When visiting Cherai, don’t miss a trip to the Thattekad Bird Sanctuary – offering breathtaking natural beauty, an impressive variety of bird species and exciting activities – an experience you won’t want to miss!


Cherai is an idyllic town that blends natural beauty, rich culture, and historical significance into an alluring package. From its serene beaches to ancient temples, there’s something here for everyone in this picturesque town – visitors can relax on serene beaches, partake in thrilling activities, or immerse themselves in local traditions and culture. By adding these top 10 places to their itinerary travellers can explore everything Cherai has to offer and create lasting memories! So pack your bags and explore their charm!

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