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Flush Doors- Economic and Durable


What is a flush door?

These are simple door designs that have plain composition on both the faces of the door. Both faces of these doors are very smooth and they do not have any panels or moldings which is why the surfaces of these doors are flat.

These doors come with a five ply construction. It consists of frame, filler, core and face. The doors are finished with laminate, veneer, or paint in different designs and colors.

These doors usually range in a thickness of 25 mm to 40 mm. There are various types of doors that one can buy under this category. They can be used in bedrooms, washrooms, and many more places. Because of their unique features and countless benefits, these doors from CenturyDoors are widely and commonly used.

What are the different types of flush doors that you can purchase?

There are different types of flush doors which are sold by CenturyPly. CenturyDoors is considered to be the best manufacturer of these types of doors. They have a wide range of top-quality and classy products that are strong, durable, and long-lasting. The doors that are sold by CenturyDoors are manufactured using modern technologies and have a wide range of options to choose from.

The various types of doors that they sell are:

  • Club Prime Doors:

These doors are available in 25 mm, 30 mm, 32 mm, 35 mm, 38 mm, and 40 mm. They come with 10 years of warranty and are IS 2202 (Part 1) certified meaning that they offer the best quality standardized door offering. The Club Prime Doors are borer and termite-proof as they have gone through the 3-tier treatment which means the lumber, core, and Face and are treated with a special chemical.

It is manufactured using Kiln seasoning which reduces moisture under a controlled environment thus preventing the timber from cracking. This also sterilizes the timber from all fungi and insects in it. The doors are made of high-density wood which makes them better for screw holding and increases load-bearing capacity. It is sanded with the help of a sanding machine which bonds it very nicely with laminates and veneers.

Along with being borer and termite-proof, this wood is boiling waterproof, slam proof, swell proof, and bend-proof.

The price of the doors depends on the thickness and size.

  • Bond Doors:

These doors are available in 25 mm, 30 mm, 32 mm, 35 mm, 38 mm, and 40 mm. Bond doors are certified and cover all parameters covered in IS 2202 (Part 1) providing the best quality to customers. They are manufactured using the 3-tier treatment, Kiln seasoning, and manufactured using high-density wood to make it strong and better at holding screws.

The Bond doors have also gone through sanding machines with grid paper 220 on both sides to ensure excellent bonding with laminates and veneers. These doors have also been trimmed using precision to ensure dimensional accuracy to reduce installation time.

These Bond Doors from CenturyDoors come with a 7-year warranty and are boiling waterproof, slam proof, swell proof, and don’t warp if they come in contact with water or humid weather.

  • Sainik Doors:

These doors come with 5 years of warranty and are produced using top-notch technology. It also includes modern technology to ensure that it can withstand modern problems. These doors are available in 25 mm, 30 mm, 32 mm, 35 mm, 38 mm, and 40 mm. Many people prefer to buy these as they are eco-friendly, boiling waterproof, Borer and termite-proof, and don’t warp very easily.

Final Overview

CenturyPly sells high-quality products at affordable prices. You can also buy doors online from their website to make it easier for you when buying things. You can also compare different products and check their specifications before finalizing anything. To know more, you can always visit their website.

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