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How to Maintain Your Hot Tub


Looking for ways to maintain your hot tub? Here at We Buy Any House we have compiled our top tips!

Use Testing Strips to Check the Mineral and Chemical Levels:

It’s important that once or twice a week, that you check the chemical levels in your hot tub. It’s vital that you do this as it will provide you with an insight as to how your hot tub is functioning, and obviously chemicals can be dangerous so you will need to monitor that. Additionally, you will need to check that your hot tub won’t be safe and protect you from bacteria if you don’t ensure that it has the right protective chemicals. You can buy test strips from your local pound shops, and the strips provide a chemical reading that are 6-in-1, measuring chlorine, alkalinity, calcium hardness, pH, total hardness and bromine.

Learn How to Add Chemicals:

Learning to add chemicals to your hot tub is a risky business, therefore, it’s important that you take the time to learn how to properly add chemicals to your hot tub. You want the chemicals to work effectively, so here are a few rules of thumb to take into consideration when adding chemicals to your hot tub:

  • Keep the water running when you are adding chemicals, as you want the chemicals to be mixed with the jets in the water.
  • Ensure that you measure all chemicals prior to adding them to the tub- as this way, you will get the right balance and reduce the risk of anyone having any reactions to the chemicals, such as an asthma attack or a rash.
  • Make sure to keep your spa cover off after you have added the chemicals. We recommend doing this for around fifteen minutes after.

Regularly Check the Filtration System:

When you buy a hot tub, it’s more than likely to be an acrylic hot tub. Therefore, they come equipped with a cartridge filter system and a pump for the hot tub. It’s vital that you check that your filtration system is in good condition, as if the filter ends up getting clogged with dirt, you will be sitting in a hot tub that potentially has contaminated water. The usual recommendation is that your hot tub cartridge is cleaned at least once a week, however, if your hot tub is being used more frequently, then you may want to clean the cartridge more frequently.

General Cleaning:

When your hot tub is exposed to the elements, it can become a little greasy looking. Therefore, it’s a good idea to give your hot tub general maintenance. Give it a wipe down regularly but try and use natural products where possible. We recommend a damp cloth and some dish soap and using a gentle brush to get rid of any excess debris that has fallen into it.

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