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Roof Repair Maintenance Tips


There are two main reasons as to why a homeowner would need to replace their roofs-end of lifespan for the roof or if the weather has wreaked havoc on it. While it is inevitable that a roof will not last forever, there are several roof repair maintenance tips you can follow to be certain your roof lasts as long as it can.

One of the biggest things you can do for roof repair maintenance is check your shingles on a regular basis. It is important to check the roof after every single storm. You should also check them at least once per season. The best part is you do not always need to be climbing up a ladder to see your roof. A pair of binoculars will work just as well. Things you will want to be sure to look for include any shingles that have begun to curl or crack, shingles that are no longer there, granules that are missing, and flashing that has peeled. Should you see any of those listed above, be certain to fix them as soon as possible. It is best to call a licensed professional to fix the issue.

The next thing you can do for roof repair maintenance is to check for leaks in the ceiling and attic. This can be done by looking for water stains on the ceiling or floor. Be sure to do this on a schedule, looking for any discoloration or stains. Bulging patches on an interior wall may also indicate leaking ceilings and attics. Musty odors are a tell-tale sign of this too. And if you notice any spots on exterior walls, see if there is any leaking in the attic or ceiling. Call a pro to help you fix the issues right away.

Washing your shingled roof is a third thing you can do for roof repair maintenance. Over time, your roof will start to look dingy. You will begin to see algae form with a black-green hue. Leaving the algae collected on your roof will not damage it right away, but over time, the roof will begin to rot. The algae will slowly feed off the shingles, which not only weakens them but may also make some of them fall off over time. Heat will also radiate through your home because your roof will not be able to reflect sunlight like it once could.

To remedy this, you should wash your roof. A simple solution of half water and half bleach will do the trick. Simply spray this one on the roof to kill the algae. After this is completed, it is a good idea to install copper strips on the roof. This will halt algae from growing on the roof.

And finally, a roof repair maintenance trick for keeping your roof looking its finest is to clean the gutters. Gutters should be cleaned two times per year- once in the spring and once in the fall. This will allow water to keep flowing instead of passing through to do damage.

And there you have it…the best tips on how to maintain your roof. If you do find you need a roof repair service, do not hesitate to call Done Right Roofing Inc in Holiday, FL. This family-owned and operated company guarantees its work and is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Get the job done right the first time with their services.

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