Ideal Living Area

Tips to Design Your Ideal Living Area


Gone are the times when people used to sit within the walls of stuffy parlours and living rooms from the past. The living room is one place in the house where we tend to do almost everything. The family spends more time here by reading, chatting, watching television or savouring memories. However, if you are looking online for ‘architects near me’ you could simply find a list of good architects who would design your home at your desired budget.

However, if you would like to know few tips on how to design your ideal living area, check out the pointers provided below:

Begin Everything with a Plan: All activities are sure to go well if they are planned properly. The same is the case when it comes to designing the living room. Rather than purchasing a bunch of pillows that could fluff up your furniture, gain a vision and then a plan. Execute the plan well as the living area hosts almost all activities such as a party in the house or a family movie night. Think realistic rather than being in a dream world. Your architect could develop a plan which includes the layout and furniture placement that would take the homeowner’s lifestyle into account.

Invest in a Good Couch: Once the functionality of the room is figured out well, the initial piece of furniture that should be added to the space would be the sofa. This furniture would stand the test of time and would stay for a long time. Hence, it should be of good quality. The homeowners should take their own time in purchasing one and should consider various factors. They could also take the suggestion of the architect or an interior designer for eliminating confusion. Budget is one of the essential factors you should consider. The fabric, colour and size of the sofa should also be considered before you purchase the product.

Lighting is Important: Lighting plays a crucial role in beautifying any type of room. Priority should be provided to natural light. Hence, you have to make sure that there is high as well as low lighting. The lights should support the aesthetics and should act as sculptural notes. If you invest in some beautiful and appealing lamps, they will stay so, forever with you. Statement lights can be a work of art. Vintage model lights are also attractive and could be added as long as it doesn’t affect the aesthetics of the room.

Rugs Define the Living Area: The rugs, when you pick one, should be much larger than the seating space.  If you add a larger rug to the room, it would make the room seem to be bigger. You should go for oversized rugs that you think are apt. However, rugs need not make a statement in the room as a lot of other elements come into play. The rug colour, texture and pattern should balance well with the entire room.

Accent Tables can be an Asset: Coffee tables would turn into the focal point as they should contrast with the larger mass of the sofa. The pieces chosen should be timeless and should have strong lines. Accent tables could easily serve the functional necessities like placing the coffee cup of a cocktail glass. You could opt for vintage or modern ones from the store that would go well with the room that is being designed.

Texture Should be of Different Layers: The room should look inviting to everyone coming into your house. Hence, you could make use of various textures of different materials like metal, wood, silk, glass and so on. The materials you make use of should provide a good feeling when you touch them. One of the easiest methods to add texture is to use throw blankets and accessories.

Give Personality to the Area: Whichever room is being designed, adding a personality to the room would reduce the clutter and give a positive vibe and good energy. It would tell the story of the personality and life of the homeowner. When all these elements are added to the overall design, the space would feel like a home. If you are an avid reader, books can be your inspiration. You can add a cute reading corner or if you like to travel, you could add pieces of gifts from loved ones or souvenirs from the places you have been. It would express the personality of the homeowner. After all, the home should be an expression of the homeowners and their loved ones.

Pillows can be Good Friends Too: Making use of pillows could be a great method that would help in bringing in more pattern, colour and texture. When you are picking them out, you could opt for the ones that would match well with the living area and furniture in the room. You could go bold with the pillows or even decide to opt for the custom-made ones so that the area looks much appealing. Down the lane, the pillow you pick will not last for twenty years or so. Hence, you could pick the ones that look best and attractive and would match the furniture in the room.

Have a Purpose While Selecting: One fact that most designers believe in is that clutter would stress anyone out. There might be a lot of layers for design for different professionals. However, it should look tidy and appealing to the eyes of anyone who sees the room. Take your own time and process to select the items so that each piece you might opt for will have its unique purpose and a place. Speed can be important when it comes to technology but art would need time. You could think of how you want a place to turn out to be, what it should say about you and how it should make you feel. You would be making decisions when it comes to your life. Hence, everything that you look at should make you feel happy. You could also check for architects in Coimbatore by asking your friends or family or by even checking with the professionals who belong to the construction streams such as plumbers, landscapers or electricians and so on.

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