Water hog mats can be used to prepare for cooler weather

Water hog mats can be used to prepare for cooler weather


The approach of autumn brings colder temperatures as well as a new set of difficulties for company owners and facilities managers to solve. As the weather changes and the temperature lowers, consider if your industrial floor mats can withstand the damp, rainy weather (even an early snowfall!) And keep your floors safe and dry. Purchasing Water hog mats or custom floor mats for your business means you’re not only investing in the safety of your customers and staff, but also in safeguarding your company from liability risks caused by accidents and injuries.

Prepare for bad weather this autumn by doing a full facility walk-through to verify your business floor mats, as well as any entrances and high traffic areas, are ready for your clients.

Water hog mats’ response to cool weather challenges

When the seasons change, one of the challenges is not knowing exactly what to expect in terms of weather. Fall brings milder temperatures, but there is also quite a range in the sort of weather that arrives. Fortunately, Water hog floor mats can withstand almost any obstacle that the chilly weather might throw at them. Let’s look at a few different possibilities.

1. Temperatures are lower than typical

If the colder weather arrives earlier than planned, business owners should prepare for frost, sleet, and ice early in the year. This not only means that your floors may get wet sooner than expected, but it also means that guests may not be wearing appropriate footwear for the weather. Wet flooring and ill-fitting footwear are a deadly mix!

2. Significantly more rain than normal

We’ve had a really hot and dry summer, which may sometimes lead to rainy autumn. A lot of rain equals a lot of wet dragged into your company, resulting in slick flooring. Is your company ready to keep all that water off the floor?

3. Seasonal detritus

As the temperature cools, leaves and another debris fall to the ground and are gathered up by shoes and boots. This seasonal detritus then finds its way into your company. Wet leaves, in particular, may make flooring very slick. Not only must your business floor mats be able to keep water at bay, but they must also be able to collect debris from shoes entering your building and prevent it from spreading to your floors.

Water hog floor mats include a unique swirl design that eliminates water and dirt from shoes, as well as a rubber border that keeps liquids in the mat’s trenches and off the floor. Water hog floor mats also include an anti-static, polypropylene surface that dries rapidly, as well as a nitrile rubber-reinforced surface and backing that offer them outstanding flexibility, durability, and strength.

Water hog floor mats for your company

Prepare for colder weather by replacing old or worn-out entry matting and ensuring you have adequate mats, such as Water Hog Master piece Select Mats, to keep water and debris off the floor. For many years, ultimate mats have provided commercial and bespoke floor mats, working with companies to ensure they have the precise matting they want.

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