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A Water Hog mats go beyond being a fall and slip prevention device. These mats provide a chance to set the tone for your building and welcome your visitors.

When you add a Water Hog Mat to your entrance, you will reap the benefits.

1. Create A Warm And Friendly Welcome

Water Hog mats and custom logo door mats at the front of your store, hotel, or office set the right tone. These commercial grade mats have a fast drying time, are resistant to static, and can withstand fading. This guarantees that your entrance will remain well maintained.

2. Keep Your Floors Cleaner

Perhaps your lobby has a marble floor. Perhaps polished linoleum has been used in your school’s main offices. These materials look stunning, but can easily slip when wet.

Water Hog doormats come with a unique “water dam”, an edge that traps moisture. A single mat can trap up to one-half gallons of water per square yard, preventing it from escaping onto the floors.

3. You Should Choose The Right Tone

Water Hog’s mats have style and function, which is not the case with plain commercial doormats. Styled mats will set the tone in your space and make it inviting for people to come in. A styled mat in a half-moon shape and elegant oval fan design is ideal for an upscale office or hotel.

A rectangular or square rug with a diamond or chevron pattern, contemporary swirl, parquet, or chevron is perfect for any commercial space, school, religious or retail establishment. These patterns can add subtle texture and an accent to your space without becoming overwhelming.

4. Safety Increases

These mats are of lower quality than those made for consumers. This causes them to slide or move about. This movement is a much greater danger than having no mat.

Water Hog has a reinforced bi-level rubber backing on its commercial floor mat. It resists cracking and is suitable for concrete, linoleum, and tile. A cleated version of this product is available to be used over carpeting.

5. Branding Opportunity

Choose a Water Hog Impressions HD Logo mat so that your school, hotel or retail store logo can be printed on it. This is a great place to market your brand.

You have the option to choose from richly colored backgrounds, mat sizes, orientations, and border styles. Upload your logo to get a custom creation for every door in your commercial space.

Although the collections are very flexible, you can always arrange them to meet your specific needs. It is essential to search for Water hog mats in professional stores. This is a great place to get a lot of branded Water hog mats. They have many advantages, especially when used for branding.

6. Customization

Choose from 16 different styles, as well as up to 20 fabric colors and multiple sizes to create the perfect floor mat for you.

You can also be made eco-friendly. These mats have a backing of 15 to 20% recycled material and are 100 percent recyclable. You can make a statement without sacrificing your performance.

Promote Your Business Easily

Promotion is the most important thing for your business. Like all Water hog mats, they are focused on the best possible outcome for your business. They bring in exclusive arrivals to commercial spaces. It’s likely to provide the best quality arrivals, without any hassles.

Use A Water hog Rug To Decorate Your Entrance

Water Hog commercial doormats are ideal for public entrances. These mats last a long time and look good. A mat can have a powerful impact on your business’ image.

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