Postpartum Massage

What is a Postpartum Massage?


A postpartum confinement massage is a full-body massage often performed within the first 12 weeks after a woman has given birth. A massage is given to the new mother while she is still in the early stages of the recuperation process. Even while it might not look like it will help, getting one done can speed up the healing process, which is always a good thing.

Whether you had a caesarean delivery, be sure to contact your doctor and inquire if it is okay to get it done. However, some massage therapists prefer not to work on people who have had surgery within the last six weeks. If you have had blood clots throughout your pregnancy, your doctor may advise you to steer clear of this medication.

The most important thing you can do to be ready for a postpartum massage is to ensure the room you will be in is quiet and peaceful. There should be no potential distractions nearby, like a phone or a television. You may find that turning down the lighting in your room and lighting a few candles helps you feel more at peace.

It is recommended that you have someone else look after your child. At the same time, you get a massage because the sound of a baby crying isn’t exactly the most soothing, and most massages require you to have someone else look after your child. However, some clients bring their children into the massage room with them, so remember that this isn’t always the case.

Benefits of Getting a Postpartum Massage

1.Reduced Swelling

Many pregnant women find that their bodies swell up during labour; massage helps disperse the water in your body and enhances circulation all over.

2. Higher Production of Milk

In light of the fact that it can be challenging for some moms to produce an adequate amount of breast milk, getting this therapy improves the supply of breast milk. Boosting circulation is another excellent benefit of doing this.

3. Hormone Regulation

Because your body will experience shifting hormones after giving birth, massages and the use of essential oils can help improve your mood and bring your hormones back into balance.

4. Reduced Anxiety

As indicated before, getting a massage can help improve your mood, which is how many new parents describe getting the “baby blues.” Therefore, receiving a massage is consistently helpful in creating a better attitude in people.

5.Better Sleep

Massages are usually helpful in soothing the parents so they can chill out for a bit and catch up on the sleep they have been losing out on recently. It is common knowledge that new parents frequently do not receive the rest that they deserve.

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